Looking for the best in retail sales?


Brand Expansion

The reputation & credibility of the established brands we support are used to introduce new product lines and thereby expand the brand. Our team members are primed to help our clients expand beyond Pittsburgh.

Customer Acquisition

Our direct approach to retail sales promotes the long-lasting relationships needed to keep a company growing. We customize our client’s services, leaving customers with a solution that is the best fit.

Consumer Products

Rock Pinnacle & Co. experts discuss the latest trends and the newest innovations for consumers in the retail sales industry.

Sales Training

Rock Pinnacle & Co.’s team of marketing and sales representatives meet with customers in retail locations across the Pittsburgh market, acting as the direct representation of our clients’ brands.

Personal Development

Rock Pinnacle & Co.'s thorough training and product knowledge assure fast and lucrative results for our clientele. We build lasting relationships on behalf of our clients and effectively market and sell their products and services.

Personable Approach

Our approach to retail sales offers a one-on-one method of introducing clients to the brands that we support and then continuing that relationship after the sale is made.

Passion drives us;
devotion points us in the right direction.


Customers Acquired


Projected Markets


Satisfied customers


"It’s not about having the right opportunities.
It’s about handling the opportunities right."
-Mark Hunter

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